Friday, May 18, 2012

Paul McCartney

A One of a Kind Young Paul McCartney by Emmajude
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  1. Nice! I can't believe you posted to your blog. I now have to go check to see if the sky is falling.

    1. LOL I know! I'm a much better blog reader than blog writer.

  2. Hello from Spain: I love the photo and the clothes Paul McCartney is wearing. Thank you for showing. I had not seen before. Keep in touch.

  3. I really like this blog. i really enjoy the photos and the clothes. Its all very realistic. WOW!

  4. @ Marta....hello from the USA. Hope you are doing well. The artist, Emmajude, did an amazing job on recreating the Paul McCartney doll. I can't imagine that he would be an easy repaint by any means...but he is well worth the effort. (He's always been my favorite Beatle)

    @ Duke of Swann...Thanks for stopping by and for your wonderful comments. I'm sure the talented artists responsible for the dioramas and repaints will enjoy reading them too. I see from your blog that you have an amazing talent for and crowns. You also have a gift for writing. Your bio alone is a work of art and makes one want to read more. Thanks I'm off to read more. : )

  5. How woul I buy this doll please send me a phone number. go to Thank you!


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