Monday, December 28, 2015

My Solution for the Dreaded Doll Bangs

Why do dolls with bangs always look great in the manufacturer's photos, but when you purchase them and they arrive at your door, they look like you in your third grade school picture?  Okay, maybe it was just my third grade school picture when my mother thought she could just trim my bangs for picture day. Not one of her better moves. Anyway, read on for my little solution to tame them.

Dip the eyelash curler into boiling hot water until it gets super hot.  Working with the doll upside down, place the dolls bangs through the eyelash curler slot. At this point, it's important to comb the bangs down and into place or they won't be even. Starting at the top of the bangs near the scalp, begin crimping and holding for a moment or two.  Release and move down a smidge, hold and crimp again. Repeat this process until you reach the end of the bangs or until you have reached your desired look. Apply a little dab of hair gel or hair spray to set the bangs into place.  


  1. Hi, this is a great idea! I have more than one of these curlers for my lashes, so I can use one for my dolls :-). Poppy looks great after your treatment! Thanks for the tip!

    1. Hi Linda, Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. This method also worked well and gave height to the crown area of a doll I own with super short hair. Please let me know how it works for you. Thanks. Debbie


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